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About SeasDa

Our Business Concept

We Think Big!

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We professional in every on-line channel

Cross-border E-Commerce not only narrowed between country and country, but rapidly develop international trading. According to Chinese condition, E-Commerce is playing a very important role if an enterprise wants to expand their market share. Seasda provides the best solution of all kinds of problem of entering the on-line market. We here for you can extend the profits, lower your costs, gain more market shares.

We Are The Best Brand Development Crew

A brand can be an intangible asset, and it is basically a promise. They tell consumers what quality to expect from a product and show off its personality, the most important thing is a brand value special effects on customer’s purchase behavior. Customer’s perception of your brand is the standard of evaluation whether they would buy your products or not. Therefore, for an enterprise’s sustainable development, brand construction and management a necessary!

SeasDa -The Top Class Team

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Mark Ma


“ 5 years experiences in Cross-border E-commerce, I achieved almost 300 millions business scale for launched a famous German brand on-line in just 3 years. As a big data analyst, a key account client of, and also SeasDa's CEO, I can surely tell you, It is the E-Commerce's world in future. "

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Raymond Wang

Marketing Director

“I worked in FMCG industry for over 20years, I used to be P&G(China)'s chief marketing director, my team won some marketing awards, I also did over 100 times training and lectures for different companies. I'm proud to say I'm familiar with marketing strategy, and I have a very strong insight for market trend. Success is not actually that far, I'm in SeasDa, I'm here with you!”

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Melissa Li

Brand Development Director

"I'm a MBA of University of Michigan in America, I'm also a bachelor of economics, I used to worked at McKinsey(China) and P&G(China) as brand management director, channel director. We received awards for some huge brand management projects, such as the Olympic Games and the World Expo. My personal opinion is, brand is like a soul to an enterprise, without “brand”, an enterprise is just a factory."

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Denny Yang

Art Director

“It is very honor for me to do the visual design for Mercedes-Benz, Graco, Pigeon, Bossin.. In my learning, a consumer only need 7 seconds to know whether they like this product or not, because the impacts of direct visual would leave the impression of the product to their mind, basically, they feel good about the visual design, they feel good about the product, that effects their purchase behavior, so visual design is particularly important to a brand, but I have confident, I'll say give me 7 seconds, they will love your product.”

What SeasDa can do

Market Research

Go deep into the market, we make the trend!

We use scientific methods with our special resources to collect all kinds of relative date such as market size, market segment, competitors' conditions, sale forecast and so on, for your company or your brand, to analysis, to determine what’s next.

Market Strategy

We create scary market plans!

According our outstanding market research, we know what's good for you product or you company, with our unique insight and many years of marketing experiences, we will determine which one of market strategy to use, penetration? Exploiting? Development? Or mixed marketing strategy? We won't let you down.

Brand Managment

Maximize your brand value, customer never leaves !

We take serious about brand development and management, we believe brand value is beyond everything, because customer trust your brand, not just your product. Our professional team will tailor-made for strategy of your brand, best visual design, impeccable promotion methods, we will deliver the best brand value to your customer.

Result monitoring and amend

Keep improving, let's go further !

After we launch the whole plan, it doesn't means SeasDa's work is over, we will keep monitoring the result, and see if there's something we could do better, or can adjust better. We evaluated the competitions' reaction, we analysis the result data, we don't want to miss any chances to do better for you! This is also like a belief, it makes us to go further!

Customerization Service

Show your advantage, concentrate on your strenths, and we WON!

SeasDa as a professional on-line service provider, in order to get closer to you needs, besides the whole package of service, we also provide individual project for every part of the market strategy, including consultant, data analysis, sales training, even logistics solution, whatever you need, we can discuss.


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